Vitral Residencial Clube/Prisma

21 apartments from 65 to 90 m2

Vitral Recidencial Clube/Prisma is well situated in the district of Bairro de Fatima, an area that has been growing sharply over the last years. The apartments are bought in cash in order to finance the land acquisition contractor. Exact Brazil has neither the construction risk nor the obligations of this approach. The project sale, in August 2011, had a great success.

    Location: Bairro de Fatima
    Type: Housing to the middle class
    Size: 21 apartments of 65 and 90 m2
    Shares: 100%
    Partners: Diagonal og Rossi Residencial S/A
    Sales status: 57 % (Feb. 15)
    Revenue: R$ 8.3 million
    Conclusion: 2014/15
    Status: Purchased

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