Portal de Santiago

169 apartments to the middleclass

Portal de Santiago is located in Cidade dos Funcionários between Washington Soares and BR-116, which are the two main access roads to the southern region of the city. The plot has a total area of 7,733.67 m2, where four residential towers with 13 floors and 169 apartments will be built. The apartments will be of 100 m2 and 85 m2, and the project will reach a total private area of 15,145 m2. The project will be developed in partnership with Porto Freire, where both parties own 50 % of the project. The project is located in the same complex as Las Palmas and Portal de Ávila in Parque del Sol, which is a separate district with common green areas, tennis courts, playgrounds, restaurants, swimming pools and fitness centres. 

    Location:  Fortaleza, Ceará
    Type: Housing to the middleclass
    Size: 7,733.67 m2
    Ownership share: 50 %
    Partner:  Porto Freire (50 %)
    Sales status:  Expected sales start January 2015 to December 2016 
    Revenue: BRL 97.9 Million
    Completion: February 2016 - July 2018 (30 months)
    Status: Purchased


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