North Shopping Sobral

Shopping center in the city of Sobral

The favorable development of the Brazilian economy and the high domestic demand have had a very positive impact on retail, which has averaged near duble digit growth rates over the past 10 years. There is, therefore, a great shortage of vacant shops and shopping centers.

In November 2010, Retail Brazil I launched an investment in the construction of a shopping center in the city of Sobral. Shopping Sobral is located in Sobral, Ceara's third largest town. It is the first shopping center to be constructed in Sobral city that is home to approx. 200,000 inhabitants.

The primary audience is the growing middle class, who besides demanding more and better shopping options, also considers a safe environment and good parking options as important.

Shopping Sobral opened to the public in early May, 2013. When Retail Brazil in 2013 sold half of its stake to the group North Shopping, the name of the shopping center was chosen to be North Shopping Sobral.

• Investment: 13,700,000 BRL
• Guarantee for the first 5 years of rent and cost budget
• Governmental financing from Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (30 million BRL at a rate of approx. 7.5% a year)



  • North Shopping Sobral - Grand Opening, May 2013

  • North Shopping Sobral - Grand Opening, May 2013

  • North Shopping Sobral, May 2013

  • North Shopping Sobral, April 2013

  • North Shopping Sobral, April 2013

  • North Shopping Sobral, April 2013

  • North Shopping Sobral, April 2013

  • North Shopping Sobral, December 2012

  • North Shopping Sobral, Oktober 2011


    Location: Sobral, Ceará. Sobral is located in an area surrounded by natural beauty, 235 km vest of the capital Fortaleza. It is a center of education, commerce and industry in the northeastern part of the state. Recently, it has been decided to build an 11 km long light rail circle line in Sobral, with expected opening scheduled for 2012 - simultaneously with Sobral Shopping.

    Type: new build shopping center

    Size: The gross area is approximately 23.5000 m2 and consists of 7 anchor tenants, 98 shops, food court, cinema on the first floor with five rooms and 915 parking spaces, primarily in the basement.

    Share: Retail Brazil 1 (RB1), which is also managed by Exact Invest, initially acquired 50% of North Shopping Sobral (NSS). Exact Brazil A /S (EB) has acquired 30% of RB1 and thereby indirectly owned 15% of the NSS. As of mid-2013, RB1 sold half of its stake with healthy profit, whereby, EB's indirect ownership is now 7.5% in NSS.

    Partners: North Shopping Sobral. Retail Brazil 2 Ltda and Marco Walzer

    Conclusion: Opened May 2013

    Status: Purchased


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