Housing to the upper middleclass

The project is located in the district of Cidade 2000, and it lies one block from the largest park in Fortaleza (Parque do Cocó). All apartments from the second to the 25th floor will have unobstructed views of the park, which is a nature conservation area and therefore a protected plot. Similar projects at the most attractive side of Parque do Coco have an average price of R$ 6,000 per square meter. Mont Blanc, on the other hand, is based on a projected retail price of R$ 4,300. The project can be implemented very quickly, as the building permit has already been obtained.

Project sales started in February 2012. Fast forward to March 2013 and the construction of the 25 storey building has begun.


    Location: Fortaleza, Ceará
    Type: Housing to the upper middleclass
    Size: 110 apartments, 75 m2
    Share: 50%
    Partner: Porto Freire Ltda.
    Sales status: 75 % (Feb. 15)
    Revenue:  R$ 40.2 million
    Conclusion: 2016
    Status: Purchased

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