Las Palmas

304 apartments of 70 m2

Las Palmas consists of 304 apartments of 70 m2, and it is part of a larger project called "Parque do Sol", which contains 7 to 8 apartment projects. The public areas between the projects are urbanized are urbanized by our working partner Porto Freire, and maintained by owner associations. Individual condominiums have common areas like swimming pool, fitness centers, tennis court, playgrounds and restaurant. The project represents an attractive integrated whole, offering high quality services and safety to the occupants.

The project is now completely sold out.

Las Palmas ran a great marketing campaign in both, Brazilian radio and television, with a famous actress presenting the project.

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  • May 2017

  • May 2017

  • April 2013

  • April 2013

    Location: Fortaleza, Ceará
    Type: Housing to the upper middle class
    Size: 304 apartments of 70 m2
    Share: 50%
    Partner: Porto Freire Ltda.
    Sales status: 100% (Sold out)
    Revenue: R$ 97.1 million
    Conclusion: 2015-2016
    Status: Purchased

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