Jardins Maceió

356 apartments from 55 to 66 m2

Exact Brazil has bought a piece of land in the city of Maceió, which has approximately one million inhabitants, and is the capital of the state of Alagoas (Northeast). The project is, in many ways, comparable to Acquaviva and it is expected to be approved during the governmental social program MCMV (Minha Casa Minha Vida).The grounds were acquired by permuta, where land is paid in the form of finished apartments.



    Location: Macieó, Alagoras
    Type: Housing to the middle class
    Size: 356 apartments of 48 and 57 m2
    Share: 50%
    Partner: CRD Engenharia Ltda
    Sales statues: 55 % (Feb. 15)
    Revenue: R$ 47 million
    Conclusion: 2015/2016
    Status: Purchased

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