Dunas Contemporaneo

40 houses of 148 m2

The project is located in the district of Dunas, close to one of Fortaleza's best beaches, yet only 10-15 minutes from Fortaleza business center. Dunas Contemporaneo is a closed condominium with excellent common facilities such as swimming pool, gym, outdoor grill, etc. The project design intentionally features a smaller housing size than what is currently offered in the area, in order to attract a bigger audience.

  • Grundstykket

    Location: Dunas
    Type: housing to the upper middle class
    Size: 42 houses of  average 148 m2
    Share: 54%
    Partner: Invest Brazil Ltda (46%)
    Sales start: TBD
    Revenue: Expected R$ 22.3 mllion
    Conclusion: NN
    Status: Purchased

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