America Shopping

Offices, apartments, shopping and parking

America Shopping consists of 408 office units of varying sizes spread over 16 floors, a shopping area of ​​4,200 m2, and 636 parking spaces to service both the office and shopping section. The are offices sold off in units, and retail and parking spaces are sold to an investor.

There are great expectations to the demand for office space in the district Messejana, which is rapidly developing and under-equipped with modern office complexes. The planned office tower is expected to be the first in the district, which supports the project's sales potential. Porto Freire, which is the partner of Exact Brazil on the project, considers moving in into one of the office spaces.

    Location:  Fortaleza, Ceará
    Type: Office, shopping, and residential
    Size: 408 office units, ​​4,200 m2 of shopping and 636 parking spaces .
    Ownership share:    25%
    Partner:  Porto Freire (25%), Retail Brazil II (50 %)
    Sales status: NN
    Revenue: BRL 103.7m
    Completion: NN
    Status: Purchased


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