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Exact Group A/S was founded in 2005, with primary focus on project development and consulting of new and existing properties in Denmark and abroad. The subsidiary Exact Invest A/S started operating in 2007 when we, on the basis of thorough analysis of political stability, and economic and demographic trends, saw great potential in the Brazilian property market. We also established an office in Fortaleza with a mix of Danish and Brazilian staff, which today is led by the CEO of Exact Invest Brazil, Kurt Kahla.

The headquarters, located in Aarhus, are directed by the CEO of Exact Group and Exact Invest Martin Nymark, who is in charge of the Danish administration and is the primary contact with the investment companies. All the leading employees have many years of experience in finance and the real estate industry coined with large networks in Brazil and Denmark. We are a total of 21 dedicated employees in the offices in Aarhus, Fortaleza and Bogotá.

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Martin Nymark
CEO of Exact Group and Exact Invest, Martin Nymark has graduated from the Danske Bank graduation program. Specialized in financing and investments, he has 22 years of experience in the financial and real estate industries. Martin has previously been head of equities at Henton. 

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 Kurt Kahla

CEO of Exact Invest Brazil, Kurt Kahla has more than 17 years experience in the real estate industry, where he has held a variety of director positions in Denmark and abroad. Since 2008, Kurt has been responsible for Exact Invest's investment in Brazil and has since 2010 been living in the country.

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